The Social Health and Inclusion Port (SHIP) project has been busy recruiting Port Melbourne residents to be involved in the project.

Community Researchers

In February, a group of 10 residents completed a 4 week course in community research. The course was run by Port Phillip Community Group. Skills learnt included interviewing techniques, note-taking tips and strategies to cope with various behaviours. The Community Researchers are now using these skills to interview approximately 200 Port Melbourne residents on issues of importance in Port Melbourne. The results of the collected data will inform the development of four-year SHIP community action plan for the project.

Committee Members 

10 Port Melbourne residents have also been recruited to join the SHIP project committee. These residents will have the opportunity to sit alongside partner agencies to steer the direction of the project as well as promoting the project to others in the community. The first meeting the residents will attend is on Monday 25th February.  

For more information on the SHIP project see:http://ischs.org.au/your-wellbeing/ship/ or contact Sally Rossiter, Laura McDonald or Dave Godden on 9525 1300 or via Ship@ischs.org.au.

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