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We value your feedback

We are committed to providing health and support services to our local community and know the value of listening to and learning from our clients.

We aim to create a positive and supportive environment for both our service users and staff, and we welcome all feedback. Feedback allows us to learn and continually improve our services. We view comments, questions, suggestions and complaints as a positive method for improving our services.

Who can give feedback?

  • Any person who has used our services may provide feedback.
  • Carers or relatives of clients may also give feedback on behalf of the person they care for. If the feedback is a complaint for an adult client, you are required to have the documented consent of that person. We need to make sure that where the client is unable to act for him/herself, the complaint is being made with their knowledge and consent.
  • Feedback can be made in any language. We can arrange an interpreter in your language or a sign language interpreter, if required. We can also help you write out your complaint if you need assistance.
  • You do not need to give your name or contact details. Anonymous feedback is also welcomed and will be taken seriously.

What happens when feedback is received?


All complaints are taken seriously and looked into carefully, sensitively and in strict confidence. Staff will listen to and respect the complaints of all clients. If an error is made, this fact will be openly admitted and the mistake fixed as soon as possible.

If you make a complaint your future use of ISCHS services is not affected. You also have the right to have an external advocate or other independent support to assist you with your complaint.

When we receive a complaint we take the following steps:

    1. We formally acknowledge the complaint (by writing or calling) and advise who is handling it within seven days.
    2. We aim to investigate the complaint within 28 days. Some matters are more complex and can take longer to sort out. If this happens we keep you informed.
    3. If a complaint is not resolved you will be given the option(s) of:

– Contacting the CEO on 9525 1300, or going to an external body, such as:

  1. The Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) – Level 26, 570 Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000, phone 1300 582 113, https://hcc.vic.gov.au/. The HCC responds to complaints about health services and the handling of health information in Victoria. This service is free, confidential and impartial
  2. The Disability Services Commissioner – Level 3, 456 Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000, phone 1800 677 342, www.mhcc.vic.gov.au
  3. The Aged Care Complaints Commissioner – GPO Box 9848 Melbourne, 3000, phone www.agedcarecomplaints.gov.au
  4. The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner – Level 26, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000, phone 1800 246 054, www.mhcc.vic.gov.au
  5. The Office of the Public Advocate – Level 1, 204 Lygon St, Carlton, 3053, phone 1300 309 337, www.publicadvocate.vic.gov.au
  6. Victorian Ombudsman – Level 2, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000, phone 9613 6222, www.ombudsman.vic.gov.au



Suggestions are often used to help improve our services, facilities or procedures. Your feedback is important as it helps us to improve our services.


We are always pleased to receive compliments about our services. We will ensure that your feedback is given to the relevant staff members or program.

Privacy statement

The information collected on the Client Feedback Form will be used by us to reply to the feedback you have given. It may be disclosed to third parties where required or allowed by law or where you have otherwise consented. Sometimes ISCHS gives de-identified examples of both positive and negative feedback that we have received in our annual Quality of Care Report. This is to show readers some of the issues that our clients have experienced and how we have responded.


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