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Men's Responsibility Group

What is the Men’s Responsibility Group?

The Men’s Responsibility Group is for men who want to learn how to act calmly, rationally and peacefully and stop using aggressive behaviour towards others.

The group is run by two experienced family violence counsellors (a man and a woman). The program lasts for 18 weeks and is for up to 15 men at a time.

In the group you can think about how to stop using angry and threatening behaviour at home, listen and learn from other men in similar situations and have the chance to try better ways of dealing with anger. Our goal is for you to learn and use respectful ways of living and dealing with problems more calmly at home.

Who can come to the group?

Men living in the local area can come to the group.

Where is the group run?

The group runs in the following location:

  • St Kilda

When does the group run?

The group runs on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for two 16 week cycles a year.

How much does the group cost?

A small fee applies which is discounted for those not working.

Further information

To learn more please telephone:

9525 1300

OR email adminenquiries@ischs.org.au

Full details about this group can be found in It’s Happening.

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