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Gardening Veg Out

What is Veg Out?

Veg Out is a gardening group for people who want to learn how to grow, harvest and prepare their own vegetables in St Kilda. You will have the opportunity to spend some time outside and do some physical activity as well as meet new people from different cultures and of different ages.

At Veg Out you will learn:

  • how to plan what to plant
  • gardening including weeding, watering, sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings
  • how to harvest vegetables
  • some cooking activities using the freshly picked vegetables.

We also have a barbeque lunch hosted by our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Who can come to the group?

The following people can come to the group:

  • people who want to garden and have limited access to gardening
  • people who would like to meet others who share an interest in gardening.

‘The activity provides an opportunity for sharing ideas and picking up useful hints.’

(Happy Veg Out participant)

Please note: If you have a history of limited mobility or balance you can still join in as we have some raised garden beds. Please talk to our physiotherapist to learn the safest way to join in before you come.

Where is the group run?

The group runs at the Veg Out garden, corner Shakespeare Grove and Chaucer Street St Kilda. There is a 50 metre (approx.) walk from the gate on Chaucer Street to the garden plot.

When does the group run?

The group runs on the 1st Monday of every month from 11am to 1pm (including lunch). Group members can come to the garden at any time and water or weed.

How much does the group cost?

The group is free.

Further information

To learn more please telephone 9534 0981 or email adminenquiries@ischs.org.au

Full details about this group can be found in It’s Happening.

To learn more about the community gardens of St Kilda please visit http://www.vegout.asn.au/

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