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Mental Health Peer-Led Recovery Group

What happens at the Mental Health Peer-Led Recovery Group?

The Peer-Led Recovery Group provides a safe place for people to share their life experiences, including successful stories and personal experience with mental illness. This is done without judgement, blame or criticism. It is a place for people who have experienced mental illness to be able to accept who they are and where they are in their recovery.

Coming to the group can be a starting point to moving forward to who you want to be in a positive way. You can begin to think more optimistically about yourself, your life and your dreams for the future.

The Group Coordinators also share their ongoing recovery stories with the group. These provide good examples from which you can think about your own journey. Everyone in the group has the chance to support and learn from each another.

By joining in people will have the opportunity to:

  • become more aware of their potential
  • strengthen their abilities to live well
  • develop skills to live well with or without mental illness
  • become strengthened to lead their life journey and find a meaningful life
  • realise their worth in the community of their choice.

People who come to the group will also be involved in the improvement of our mental health services by providing their view on recovery.

Who can come to the group?

Only current clients of our mental health programs, including case management, and clients on the waiting list can come to this group. It may be open to all people experiencing mental illness supported by external agencies in the future.

Find out more about our mental health support, mental health case management and the Personal Help and Mentors Service here.

Where is the group run?

The group runs at 341 Coventry St, South Melbourne.

When does the group run?

The group runs on Thursdays from 2pm to 3.30pm for 8 weeks. Please telephone us to find out when the next group is starting.

How much does the group cost?

The group is free of charge.

Further information

Bayside Mental Health Community Support Services Central Intake
1800-266-664 (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm)
Email: centralintake@bmhcss.org.au
Web: www.bmhcss.org.au

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