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Family Violence

Family Violence, Domestic Violence, anger management issues – whatever you call it, we may be able to help.

Most family violence is violence against women and children, whether that is physical, verbal, emotional or sexual violence. If you need to get help with “anger management” or violence you may be interested in:

  • Counselling or case management help if you are a man who has been asked to leave your home. We can help with practical things like finding somewhere to stay for a while and talking things over
  • Men’s Responsibility Group (also known as “Men’s Behaviour Change”) sees up to 10 guys come along one evening a week to think about how to stop using aggressive behaviour and bring respectful ways of living and calmness to your family. Sessions are run in St Kilda and Mentone.
  • Help for women who are experiencing or have experienced violence the past. For Mums and Kids we have female workers who you can talk to, with or without the children. A lot of this is support over the phone. Safety planning is a key part of the work we do with women and children
  • We can also help you get into other groups to help with self-esteem and dealing with anxiety.
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