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Evidence over many years of significant health disparities in our local population has led to the development of specific approaches to the oral health needs of our community. A 2009 survey of ISCH clients found that:

  • 11.5% identified as homeless
  • majority had moved 4 times in the past 12 months
  • 67% reported that they do not feel safe in the place they live
  • 59% lived alone
  • majority reported higher than average rates of acute/chronic disease and subsequent increased levels of inpatient/ED treatment
  • 50% reported decreased function due to emotional/mental health issues
  • a large number reported higher than average rates of co morbid mental health, AoD, gambling
  • compared with the region and state, the majority experienced poorer oral health status – increased DMFS in adults over 25 years
  • 45% reported difficulties affording health care
  • 70% reported difficulties meeting the cost of transport

ISCH Oral Health Evaluation

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