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Your Rights & Responsibilities


Every person who receives a service or participates in our programs and activities has the following rights and responsibilities:

Your rights

Your health rights

You have the right to decide what happens to you and to make decisions about any treatment, advice or procedure that is offered to you.

You have the right to join in making decisions and choices about your care and about health service planning.

You have the right to receive this information in a language that you understand.

Quality and safe services

You have the right to receive services:

  • where you are treated with respect and dignity by all staff
  • that are of a high and safe quality, that is you are given professional care from skilled and capable people
  • that are culturally sensitive
  • regardless of your ability to pay
  • without discrimination based on age, breastfeeding, carer status, disability, employment, family responsibility, gender, gender identity, industrial activity, lawful sexual activity, marital status, parental status, physical features, political belief or activity, pregnancy, race, religious beliefs or activity, sexual orientation, or through personal association with someone who has, or is assumed to have, any of these characteristics.


You have the right to health care and you can access services to help with your health care needs. You have the right to access your file except where prohibited by law. To access your file, please telephone reception and ask to speak to, or visit, the Client Health Records Officer. Go to the Access Your Information page for more information.

Privacy and confidentiality

You have the right to receive health care in privacy and to have your personal information kept confidential except in certain situations. We make sure that your privacy is maintained and correct handling of your personal health and other information is kept. Please telephone or visit the Information and Referral Worker at one of our centres for more information. Read our Client Privacy Policy here.

Rights of refusal

You have the right to:

  • withdraw consent to a service
  • refuse any service, treatment or advice offered by ISCHS
    NB: You are entitled to reapply to the service at any time by speaking to the Information and Referral Worker.
  • refuse health care from a particular worker
  • refuse the presence of others not directly involved in your care
  • request the support of an advocate to assist with any issue relating to your health, our Intake and Referral Worker can help you find an advocate service.

Comment and Feedback

You have a right to comment on your care and have any concerns addressed. You can complain about your care and have your concerns dealt with properly and promptly. This will not affect your ability to receive a quality service from us.

Your responsibilities


We ask for your information so that your health worker can discuss the right advice with you. You are able to choose to accept or reject that advice. We ask you to understand that your lifestyle choices may affect your health.


When you are in any of our centres or taking part in ISCHS programs you need to follow all rules to ensure safety for yourself and others.

Involvement and commitment

We ask for your involvement in designing and participating in your care plan so that we can achieve the best outcome.


We ask that you keep appointments unless something unexpected happens. If you are unable to come to an appointment you need to tell an ISCHS worker at least 24 hours before the time of your appointment. For some services you may be charged a fee if you miss an appointment without telling us.


You are expected to respect the privacy of others you may see or meet at ISCHS centres, services or programs.

Respect and dignity

You are expected to treat staff and other service users with respect and dignity.

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