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Community Assessment

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Social Health and Inclusion Port is a five year health and wellbeing initiative, which works together with residents and community organisations to bring about positive change to the Port Melbourne community, with a strong focus on residents living in social housing.

What is a Community Assessment?

A community assessment is used to identify a community’s strengths and assets. It gives local people the opportunity to have their say on their community, as well as identifying local issues and contributing ideas on how to make Port Melbourne an even better place to live. This information is a key component of the SHIP Community Plan which will be used to drive the project over the five years.

So far we have:

  • Surveyed 227 Port Melbourne residents (or people who identify with Port Melbourne) on local health and wellbeing issues
  • Interviewed representatives from multiple local community organisations
  • Held informal sessions with younger members of the community to ensure their opinions are heard
  • Trained 10 Port Melbourne residents as Community Researchers to assist us with our survey
  • Established a steering committee with equal representation of Port Melbourne residents and local organisations
Talking to locals at the SHIP Community Check-in event; Community Researchers receiving their certificates


The results of the Community Assessment have led to four priority areas:

  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Social Connections
  • Access to Health Services

Our goals to work towards over the next four years are:

  • Physical Activity: More active, more often
  • Healthy Eating:  healthy eating for all
  • Social Connections: Inclusive and connected neighbourhoods
  • Access to Health Services: affordable and accessible health services

 Download the Port Melbourne Community Survey here


“Back to Port Melbourne Old Days”- the first of three events organised by SHIP to promote social connectedness in Port Melbourne


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