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Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating for all

We aim to support people to eat well by:

  • Supporting people to have the knowledge, skills and resources to eat a healthy diet
  • Bringing the community together to support other to eat well
  • Making it easier to access healthy food

In 2015- 2016 we will develop new, and continue working, on the following projects:

  • FoodMate: a project aimed at increasing access to affordable healthy food and improving cooking skills
  • Queen Victoria Market Bus Trips: weekly bus trips to the Queen Vic Market to improve access to healthy and affordable food
  • Port Melbourne No To Sugary Drinks Campaign: work with the community to develop a local campaign to reduce consumption of sugary drinks
  • Food Growing: work in partnership with council, community and other stakeholders to establish new food growing spaces in Port Melbourne.
  • Healthy Eating at Port Melbourne Primary School: promote healthy eating at the local primary school through a newly established working group and focusing on implementing a traffic-light system for canteen products
  • Healthy food policy: support local organisations to adopt and implement healthy food policies
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget Toolkit: raise awareness of how to eat healthy without breaking the bank by promoting and distributing this toolkit

How can you get involved?

  • Join the SHIP Healthy Eating Working Group to help us develop and deliver our strategies to promote healthy eating. The group meets on the first Monday of every month from 2.30pm – 4pm at the Liardet Community Centre.
  • Join our weekly bus trips to Queen Victoria Market. The trips run every Thursday morning (gold coin donation requested).


Healthy Eating on a Budget Toolkit

Download your copy of this toolkit which provides:

  • Tips on how to eat healthily on a budget
  • Nutritional information
  • Quick recipes
  • Information on local markets
  • Information on local cooking clubs and classes

Healthy eating on a budget toolkit


Nutrition Master

Take a look at some healthy eating tips provided by the Dietitians at Inner South Community Health:

The truth about coconut products

Ancient Grains

Are you a smart and mindful snacker?

Curb winter weight gain

Nutrition Myth Busters

Maintaining Momentum in Winter

Brazil Dietary Guidelines- its not just what you eat but how you eat!

Rethink Sugary Drinks

Meat Free Mondays

Nutritional needs to support Women’s Health

Plant foods for optimal health

Hunger in the classroom…

Beat the heat- drink more water

Top 10 foods you shouldn’t eat (and 10 you should)

Learn to Love Legumes

Australia’s Healthy Weight Week


To be involved in creating a healthier Port Melbourne, contact the SHIP Team on 9525 1300 or email ship@ischs.org.au

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