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Physical Activity

more active, more often





Goal: More Active, More Often


We aim to support people to be more physically active by: 

  • Making it easier to find out about ways to be physically active
  • Making sure everyone is welcome and able to take part in local physical activity
  • Developing new opportunities to take part in local sport and recreation activities


In 2015-2016 we will implement new, and continue working on, the following projects in Port Melbourne:

  • Healthy Kids = Healthy Life Funded by a Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT) Community Grant, we will work together with Port Melbourne Primary School to provide the following:
    • Lunch Time Dance Club – aimed to increase opportunities to participate in organised activity
    • Be a Sport- aimed to increase positive sporting behaviours amongst senior school students (Find out more about this project here: Be a Sport Flyer)
  • Active Travel: work with Port Melbourne Primary School and City of Port Phillip to encourage families attending the local primary school to take up active travel initiatives
  • Port Melbourne Gym Group: work with local gyms to increase access to facilities at a reduced cost to encourage people to trial and maintain regular physical activity. (See below for more information on the weekly group)
  • Heart Foundation Walking Groups: we will continue to encourage residents to participate regular physical activity by joining our free walking groups (See below for more information)
  • Port Melbourne Icebergs: provide a new community group with mild physical activity benefits to establish new community connections

If you would like to get involved in the Physical Activity Priority, please contact the SHIP Team on 9525 1300 or email ship@ischs.org.au


Port Melbourne Gym Group:




In partnership with GoodLife Port Melbourne, SHIP is providing a low cost exercise program on Tuesdays from 1-2pm. Run by Greg, Physical Educator at Inner South, participants will be provided with a tailored program and support to reach their health and fitness goals. $5 per class. For more information contact Greg Paine on 9525 1300 or email ship@ischs.org.au




SHIP Walkability Report- How Walkable is Port Melbourne?

walkability 2Do you know how walkable Port Melbourne is? If you’re thinking it’s fairly walkable, you would be correct, but you may be surprised about what people like the most about walking in Port, and what could be done to get more people walking. Over 100 people contributed their thoughts on walking in Port Melbourne. Take a look at our report, or have a look at the printed copy at Port Melbourne Library in September 2015


How walkable is Port Melbourne? The walkability report




More Active, More Often Physical Activity Map

Featuring over 50 different ways to be active in Port Melbourne, there is something for everyone in this Map. Download your own copy of the Port: More Active, More Often Physical Activity map to find out what you and your family can do to be active in Port!

‘Port: More Active More Often’ Brochure 2014

‘Port: More Active, More Often’ Map 2014




Walking Trails

Did you see the different walking routes on the map. Take a look at the postcards to find out what you can see or do on each walk!

Architecture walk

Art walk

Bay street coffee walk

Beach walk

Garden city parks walk

Lighthouse walk

2 thoughts on “Physical Activity

  1. I would like to participate on active activity specially in basketball but I am afraid because I have shortness of breathing also developed anxiety. I did lot of test like blood test and urinary here in Melbourne and everything was fine. It just started this problem when I had GERD(acid problem). I still have GERD until now but it’s not very chronic. I was a basketball school player 10 years ago and very active. I am dreaming to be active again to be strong and health.

    I would appreciate if you could give me advise what to do?

    Thank you very much..


    • Hi Nick,

      Apologies for not responding to your query sooner.
      I think it’s best if you have a chat with your Doctor or Health Professional about your health concerns and getting back into physical activity. They will be able to help you come up with a plan to get you back into activity, helping you to get fitter and stronger, without negatively affecting your health and medical conditions. Best of luck,

      Laura (SHIP Team)

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